Saturday, August 06, 2022

New Gallery with new sets and updated member section

As mentioned a while back, I've been working on reviving the Smokey Kisses Website, and, of course, the biggest thing with that, besides the new posts here and on the Facebook page, is the photo sets!

So, I've been working on a new gallery that, after the initial time in getting it all set up, will make adding entire new sets, no matter how big or small, a breeze! 

That means there will be far fewer batches of photos just sitting and waiting to be added until I have time to create the gallery itself, and the separate page for each and EVERY photo! Nope! Now, once any needed edits are done (crops, reducing file size, lighting/balance fixes, etc), I just have to click a button to add an album, name it, describe it, and then upload the whole lot of pics in one go, and that's it! 

The new album software doesn't yet handle videos, so those will still be available separately for the time being, but I'm working on finding something better for that too. 

What it DOES have though, in addition to lots of other features, like comments, rating, favourites, and the like, is the ability to register and, if you are a Smokey Kisses Supporter, you'll have access to the Members Only albums and features!

All my regular and member only sets are up on the new gallery page, along with a new, not yet seen set from 2012. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be adding new albums for photo sets over the last few years that have just been sitting there, waiting to be added, so keep an eye out for new, old sets, as well as some upcoming new, new sets!



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