Sunday, August 28, 2005

Leaving for vacation and Smokey Kisses Merchandise

Hello all you smokers and smoker appreciators,
I'm about to leave for a lifestyle event (and I'll be sure to get as many pictures as I can!!) and won't be back until the 7th, so there won't be any posts for a week and I'll be unavailable except by my voicemail (for those certain couple of people who have the number). But before I go, I wanted to tell you all about the newest exciting development on the Smokey Kisses site.
I am creating a line of merchandise so you can show the world your appreciation of fine cigars and the women who smoke them. So far, I only have a couple of designs, but I will be expanding the line a lot in the coming weeks.
Here are a few pictures of merchandise...

There are mugs, postcards, posters, stickers, a throw pillows, wall clocks and lots of other things already available in the storefront, and there will be even more after I come back from my trip! Also available will be items customized just for you! Have a favorite picture on my site? Get it on a shirt, mug, mousepad or lots of other options! check out what I have so far at . Their servers have been having some troubles today, so if you get a "cannot find server" or other error, just try back again in a little while.

Okay, I'm off to finish packing and go. I'll talk to you all when I return!

Smokey Kisses,
~ Khaos

Friday, August 26, 2005

Website Updated

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have gotten all the pictures and both videos of me smoking a Martinez 85 (and doing some other things too!) along with some more pictures to show how the cigar ash tattoo is coming along. Plus I have posted the latest installment of "Jose's Introduction". I know it has been a long time since the story was updated and I'll try not to let it go so long again. I just don't have enough time in a day to get everything done that I want to! Anyhow, I'm off to bed and will hope to find some posts in the comments section when I get up!
Cya'll ,
~ Khaos

Smokey Kisses Webmail

Now for my most devoted fans, Smokey Kisses Webmail! You can have
your own email address on the site or it can go
straight to your existing email account if you don't want to have another
account to have to check. Whichever you prefer, or even both. This is for those select fans who continue to
go above and beyond to support my smoking and the Smokey Kisses website by helping to keep me in fine cigars and cigar accessories.
So, if you see anyone besides me posting with a email address, you know that they have been recognized as an extra special fan of mine! And remember, if they have a addy, it also means they are halping to provide YOU with pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure, so why not take a moment to drop them a thank you email or post!
PS: my very biggest fan and supporter was the very first to recieve this honor. I'm sure you can guess who... Of course, that is the sweet man, Steph, from Germany. He is one of the most dedicated people to the smoking fetish community that I know! If you're not already a member, check out his MSN group:
A caveat, if you want your membership approved, you will need to include a note to Steph telling him why you want to join (to keep out spammers) and it is really preferred that you post at least once in a while.
And speaking of posting once in a while, what's up with all you lurkers here on my blog!?
Post a quick comment! Say hi, recommend a cigar, request a special outfit for a photo shoot, ask me questions, or anything to let me know that I'm not putting forth the effort for nothing.

And to those of you who DO regularly show your appreciation for what I do, BIG kisses and thanks!!

Smokey smooches,
~ Khaos

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Martinez 85

Smokey greetings,
Well, I finally got to smoke that Martinez 85 that Steph sent me.
WOW! I wasn't sure if it would be any good, because I was afraid they may be marketing them more as a novelty item, but I was very pleasantly surprised! It was a nice, smooth smoke, not very complex, but nice tasting nontheless, with a slightly woody flavor and more spicy as I smoked it down more. I did have a little bit of an issue for part of it with getting an even burn, but not really a surprise with such a large ring gauge. It seemed to smoke a lot faster than I expected, but maybe that was my imagination, because there are a LOT more pictures than any other cigar. Maybe the time just went fast. And speaking of pictures, after I deleted the ones that I didn't think were good enough, (and I swear I didn't plan this at all!! LOL) I couted and there are exactly 85. I think that's a cool coincidence. About 1/2 of them will be in the adult section. the photos are definitely more graphic than any of the previous ones! Being photographed really does that to me! There are also 2 videos, one that is rated R, but will be in the regular section is a little over 4 minutes, and the other, over 5 minutes long, is for members only.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gallery updated

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I have added 4 new sets to the gallery.
2 cigar smoking sets, the ash tattoo set and a close up filterless cigarette set.
I'm all caught up on updating the gallery for the moment. Also I plan on pulling out Jose's introduction to do some work on it andpossibly finish it up today. I've jsut been so busy with dealing with other things that my creative writing side wasn't working so well.. Buut I have pieces of the story jsut writing themselves in my head now and demanding that I start typing it out! So look for another story update SOON!

Gentlemen, You may smoke!
~ Khaos

Cigar Experiment

I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I tried to flavor my own cigars just for kicks, so I took 2 of my Rosa Cubas, one with the cellophane off, one with it off and put them in a ziploc bag with some good coffee beans, a couple of broken up cinnamon sticks and a humidifying card. I'm not sure yet how long I'll age them like that, but I'll be sure to post whenever I finally do try them.

Cigar Ash Tattoo

Good morning all,
As promised, I am posting about what I did Sunday night at the Wetspot. the name of the party was Blood Moon and the theme was bloodplay. (YAY Blood! LOL).
what a perfect night to put the cigar ash tattoo on my slave girl that I had been planning.
I had saved the ash from the Saint Luis Rey ISOM that I had smoked earlier in the day just for this purpose.
I sent her to get a drink while I set up my supplies... Several #11 scalpels, alcohol, paper towels and the cup with the cigar ash in it.
Then I put her on a gurney and got to work. I already had the design in mind, so I chose to cut it in freehand, as opposed to drawing it on her first or using a transfer. I cut the design about 1 cm. deep, then applied pressure to slow the bleeding so the blood wouldn't wash the ash out.
Next, I started rubbing the ash into the cutting. Apparently that was QUITE painful at first, even thogh she was already on a bit of an endorphine high. Luckily for her, the endorphines soon kicked into overdrive and she was barely feeling a thing then.
I had to reapply the ash and keep packing in more for a while because the cuts were still bleeding, and I ended up running mostly out of ash, so we went out to the smoking area after she could stand so I could light up another cigar and get some more ash and also take some pictures. Pictures aren't allowed in the building during events usually, which is why I was unable to get pictures of the cutting phase of the tattoo. Don't worry though.. I have plans to do another one on her and get pics of ALL phases next week. After putting more ash into the cutting, I would use heat from teh cigar to cauterize it slightly, so there were layers of ash in there and it would be less likely to bleed the ash out. Here are a few photos...

The rest of the photos from that can be found in my cigar gallery at .

Monday, August 22, 2005

Lazy Sunday? HARDLY!!

Hello smokers, friends and fans,
Well! Sunday was certainly an eventful day!
I went to the monthly pool party that the Wetspot in Seattle puts on. They hold it out at a place called the Longhouse, which is a simply beautiful spiritual retreat center on 90 acres of wooded land in Redmond, Washington. And when I say spiritual retreat center, make no mistake… This is NOT a mainstream religious place! It's more like a commune or co-op, and the focus is very much on embracing the divine in the here and now.. including our sexuality and sensuality. Anyway, there are a few of us who always enjoy some cigars at the pool party, and this time was no different, EXCEPT for the fact that my friend "CW" had something very special for me.. A Cuban Saint Luis Rey! Sadly, I wasn't able to get any pictures of me smoking it, or any pictures of the other fun that I had there with some very hot girl and guy friends (lets just say that I wasn't just wet from the pool and hot tub, and the cigar isn't the only thing I got to suck on!), but I did take a pic of the band when I got home.

The Saint Luis Rey started out only mediocre and I was thinking that it was going to be a disappointment, but as I smoked it, it got better. By the time it was about halfway down, it was excellent! The last half was nice and strong and the entire thing was pretty smooth. Definitely smoked that one down to a "lip burner" LOL.
I saved most of the ash from it for something that was planned for later on that evening at the blood themed party at the Wetspot, which I will write all about in the next post, after I finish with the pictures from that.
I now have about 3 more picture sets that need to be added and uploaded! I don’t think I'll ever be caught up LOL.. cause every time I upload a set of pics, it makes me want to go take some more! I tell you, that camera really does things to me!
Anyway, I'm off to update the galleries now and will post again when I get done with that.

Smokey kisses,
~ Khaos

Pictures added to prior posts

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that the pics I was going to add to the last 2 posts have been added now. the uploader tool is finally working!
Hopefully, it will still be working in a little bit, cause I have some nice ones to post.
Also, someone requested a pic of me "dressed" (ie: crossdressed) so I've included a couple here. Not the best, but something to give you an idea. I will definitely be getting some much better ones soon. Not to mention a bit more explicit ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Busy weekend + *picture problems FIXED*

Good morning all,
I know I haven't posted in several days, but things have been extremely busy!
This weekend though, along with all the preparing for a friend's wedding that I helped officiate, I discovered a cigar fetish group in my area that meets every month! Massively cool!
So on friday I went and met some really hot cigar men and had some great fun with a female friend of mine who was also there. I wish I had gotten pics, but I was very umm... "distracted" by my luscious friend. As it turns out, all the flirting we had been doing over the years wasn't just idle on her part either! I have wanted her for years! We spent most of the evening liplocked and with our hands and mouths roaming and she got to learn about some fun ways to play with heat and fear with my cigar. LOL.. I even had to relight it a couple of times cause I was so busy with her that I fogot to puff on the cigar. The bar the event is held at is a gay leather bar, so we were 2 out of only a small handfull of women there. Turns out a lot of gay boys like watching chicks get it on too though, cause when she finally had to go home, I had lots of the guys telling me how hot it was! Let me tell you, being told that by GAY men was quite the ego stroke! One of them said I was a "Cigar Daddy" :D
Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention, I was totally crossdressed that night, and "packing", of course. I really need to get some good crossdressed pics of me smoking I guess. I wish I could have gotten pictures, cause I'm sure that many of you would appreciate some good smoking fetish, girl/girl pics! I PROMISE I am working on trying to get some of those taken! Anyway, here are some pics of me smoking the Romeo Y Julieta 1875 that I had last night.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Updates Galore & some good news for me!

Good evening friends and fans,
I finally finished getting ALL the latest pictures uploaded to both the main cigar site and the adult and members sections.
I also have added more options for memberships and an easier to navigate donation/wishlist section and made minor adjustments in the gallery layouts to make them more asthetically pleasing.

Heh.. And now as soon as I finish posting this and a couple more posts, I'm going to go and work on a wand I'm making for some friends' wedding and smoke one of the Torcedors I got recently.
I really love these cigars! I got one in a sampler some years ago and thought it was GREAT, so I went to get myself a box of them and discovered, much to my dismay, that no one seemed to have even HEARD of them, let alone carried them. After months of searching, I finally found one store who could get them and the owner ( a very nice lady) ordered them and kept them in stock for me.
Unfortunately, shortly after a certain very high ranking official of my country got "elected" (NOT! Try "selected", but that's an entire seperate rant!) and the economy went down the toilet, her shop went the way of thousands of small, local, family owned/operated businesses. At least I only lost my local cigar supply and a nice lounge to share a smoke in. She lost nearly everything.
Anyway, fast forward a couple years to just last month...
I wanted a couple of specific cigars that I couldn't afford an entire box of, so I popped into a nearby smoke shop that I hedn't been in before. Great prices, decent selection, and more than willing to haggle and make deals (another favorite pastime of mine). I got to talking with the proprietor and then thought to ask if they had ever heard of Torcedor cigars. He hadn't, but he pulled out his humungous catalog and looked it up. Not only did he order them for me the very next morning and call me personally when they came in, but he is charging me about half the price that the previous place was for them.
Now I have found a coupleace online that I can get them too, so I am very happy! For those interested, these smokes are nice and medium to full bodied, very satisfying smokes and only about $2 a stick for the Churchill size! I encourage trying one. It isn't that often that you find a smoke that outshines or at least rivals many of the more expensive brands at such a great bargain.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Belinda Prominente

I finally got a chance to try one of the Belinda Prominentes that Mark sent to me. I am definitely happy with those! Woody, aromatic, almost floral, not very strong, but definitely full flavored. I smoked this one right down til it was burning my lips a bit. It was just that good!

I think it's very likely that I'll be wanting to get more of these. And it took a nice long time to smoke, so I had plenty of time to get lots of pictures. I probably won't have time until tomorrow sometime to get them all uploaded to the gallery, but I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Oh yes.. And the very tasty cigar isn't all I had time to enjoy while I was smoking. See... I really enjoy the camera a lot, so I got a bit umm... "distracted" as well ;) A good portion of that was caught on film, including video. Here are a couple of shots to give a slight suggestion of the fun I had this afternoon.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Khaos loves cigars in the mail!

Smokey greetings,
Well, okay, it's not just cigars in the mail that I love. It's good cigars in general LOL.
But I just got a nice package the other day from JR cigars, courtesy of Mark S in Kansas. There were 2 packages in there. One was of the Belinda Prominentes that I have been wanting to try, and the others are Special Jamaican Mayfairs, which I had never even heard of, but I'm always happy to try a new cigar!
I'm hoping very much to get some time to smoke one of the Belindas this evening and get some pics! I already had one of the Jamaicans, but I think they really need some more time in the humidor to be enjoyed properly.

Gotta run in a few minutes to go to work, but I will post again soon.

Smokey kisses,
~ Khaos