Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review - Joya de Havana - Robusto - 2011.01.17 (7/10)

This is another stick made by Cuban Stock, formerly known as Crown David.

Well constructed. Dark, shiny, smooth wrapper - almost velvety in appearance. Delicately veined.
Very complex aroma, even before lighting.. earthy, dark, and something almost floral. The best way I was able to describe the scent at the time was with the remark, "It's kind of like composting flowers, but in a good way" I still can't come up with anything better.

Light & cut method used.
Even, very easy light.

First puff was extremely smooth and subtle. It quickly grew bolder though, with quite the collection of strange flavours. Not bad.. Not at all! Just very different and difficult to describe.
Definitely the floral hints noted in the pre light smelling, and something like very strongly brewed black tea.
A bit of pepper - mostly felt at the back of the tongue/throat.
There was a mellow, earthy flavour that I couldn't quite place...

Very solid and well formed ash, unshakable at 2" and the veining clearly visible in the ash. Very light grey colour.

Still couldn't place that one flavour at halfway down - It seemed alkaline, and like it would be unpleasant if tasted alone or out of context, but in this cigar, was very good.

Great taste down to 2". Max ash 2.5".

Good smoke. I'll have to try another to decide if I want more of them.

Even burn throughout - NO unravelling or runs AT ALL - No tobacco bits in my mouth (yay!).
The construction on this baby was good and solid through and through.


Review - Cuban Stock Classic - Robusto - 2011.01.17 (5/10)

I've been meaning to try these out for a couple years now, but never could find them in a sampler or a five pack, and didn't want to buy an entire box, so I was pleased when they were one of the featured smokes at the most recent Tulalip Cigar Meetup this past Monday.

As has been my habit of late, when I remember, I used the "light and cut" method.

A pretty mild smoke to start out with. Nice, even, moderately easy light.

No flavours really stood out, but still a nice enough tasting cigar. Got a bit bolder as I smoked it, with more hints of spice toward the end.

Not a very solid ash - only about 1 inch max.

It did stay lit well, and the flavour was good all the way down to about the last 1.5 inches.

I was a bit disappointed in the filler, as I was constantly ending up having to spit out little pieces of tobacco throughout, and for that I took off a point.

All in all, a decent... Even good smoke, but I probably won't ever be buying a whole box, and will reserve these for a "breakfast cigar".