Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Updates again

Hello all,

I know updates have been few and far between recently and I apologize! First, it was winter and too cold to smoke much outside with the smoking ban here in Washington, then when I finally had a bunch of pictures and stuff to add, the phone company made a series of extreme screwups with my DSL access, resulting in my being offline more than on the last month or so! But I have been busy working on editing (cropping, filtering out the not so great shots, resizing, rotating, etc) TONS of photos and making lots of updates to the site while I was without internet access, so not that I'm back online, there are several new sets up for you to enjoy, along with a couple of new opportunities for you.

First of all, in addition to the mini posters available in my Café Press store, now you can get photo prints of all of your favorite pictures on the Smokey Kisses site! Many of the older pictures will only be available up to 5"x7" or 8"x10" (to assure good quality), but nearly every photo from set 31 forward will be available in sizes as large as 16"x20", and for a nominal extra charge, will be autographed by yours truly with a special message just for you.
Also available from set 31 and up are high resolution jpeg files so you can make your own prints if you have a good printer or set them as your desktop if you like.

Prices are as follows:

4"x6" $5.00

5"x7" $6.00

8"x10" $12.00

11x14 $14.00

12x18* $16.00

16x20* $18.00

20x30* $24.00

* Larger sizes not available for all photos.

Autographed Add $2.00

$1.00 off each additional print after first.

High resolution jpegs $2.00 for first
$0.50 each additional
(Photos will be emailed.)
Photo CD Add $3.00 + shipping

Shipping will be actual shipping cost to you.
All prices are USD

To order, simply send me an email to let me know what you want.

Stay tuned for more details on the next opportunity for my fans only.. It involves getting a chance to be my cameraman (or woman) for a day or weekend this summer.

Smokey Kisses Ya'll!
~ Khaos

PS: I haven't updated the adult galleries yet, but I will be doing that just as soon as I can! It may be several days, but there are plenty of new regular pics to keep you busy in the meantime.