Monday, February 20, 2012

Review - Perdomo Slow-Aged No. 826 Glorioso Maduro - toro (2/10)

According to the Cigars International page, 
"This complex blend results in a deliciously smooth, robust and vivacious flavor with creaminess and coffee-like notes".
They usually don't steer me wrong, but this time, unfortunately, they did in a big way.

The smoke DID light well - Nice and even, and burned and ashed nicely too, but that's about all the good stuff I can say about it.

It started out almost straight pepper! Now, I like strong and spicy cigars, but too many cigar manufacturers seem to think that "ton of pepper, all by itself" = "spicy". Not so, people!!  There are more spices on the rack; Or, at least, there ought to be.

As I had hoped, the full on pepper soon toned down several notches. Sadly, that's all that happened. It just became a decent, but pretty bland, strong cigar, and only that until a little over halfway through, when it just started to taste bad and I had to abandon it.

 No complexities, none of the promised flavours, no creaminess. I guess it was smooth, if, by "smooth", we mean blah. It wasn't harsh after the first 5 minutes or so, at least. 

All in all, rather a disappointment and I won't be buying more of these! Luckily, it was in a sampler, so there was only one of them. I really expected more from Perdomo!

2/10, I'm afraid.

Oh well. That's what samplers are for... To sample. I'll hope for better luck next time.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A finished story (Finally!) and a sneak peek at photos

Hello again my dears,

Just a quick note to let you know that I seem to have overcome my terribly extended bout of writer's block, and the first thing I did was finish Jose's Introduction. I am absolutely certain that we will be seeing more of Jose, as well as the lovely Lady M. before too long.

Also, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time editing photos and web code, and the new pics are not up yet, but I will share a few of them here for the time being.

The handsome smoke slut in the photos with me is FireSeeker... And you will see why he is called that in due time. Suffice it to say that he is ready and more than willing to go to extreme lengths to serve my smoky and sadistic whims.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

News, new photos, new ideas, new cigars!

Hello to all my friends and fans from the land of the lost!

I know I haven't been around in quite some time and I apologise. Life is busy and it is more and more difficult to arrange for good photo shoots with all the anti smoking legislation here in Washington state!

That said, I DO have lots of things to report!

First off - New photo and video sets!
I have some new pictures that I am editing and preparing to upload to the Smokey Kisses Website within the next couple of days.

Eight new very extreme sets will be posted in the Members Only adult section, featuring the hard core smoke slut, FireSeeker, and two of my lovely lady friends, in addition to myself.

I'll post a few shots from those sets in the regular gallery, just to give you a little peek, but most of them are too extreme for casual viewing!

I'll also be uploading a mini set that consists of stills taken from a recent smoke on cam, for those of you who missed the live feed.

I've found a couple of old filterless cigarette  videos as well, which I had forgotten about, and those are going up too.

New Site Features and repairs!
I'm working on revamping the inner workings of the site a bit, including a new contact page , remodelled Members Only section, and fixing lots of outdated code, so if you run across broken links or other strange glitches, please be sure to let me know, and be patient while I work out the bugs. I have recovered the missing videos from the main gallery, and those are already back up and ready to view.

I may have mentioned this sometime in the past, but I've been thinking again about auctioning off some of my personal garments. Each item would come with photos of me wearing it as well, of course, so you will know they are the real deal, and not just some random clothing items. I'm not positive exactly how I will work the auctioning, or if I will just list a flat amount for each item yet. I'm definitely open to suggestions! 

New Cigars!
I arrived at my "second home" today to find a Royal Mail package, containing, not just "a few", as he said he was sending, but ten cigars and a very nice letter from one of my favourite gentlemen, Cibarboy, showing that he is, indeed, a truly devoted fan! There will definitely be a couple of photo sets dedicated to him going up in the not too distant future, and when they do, you will have him to thank for it!

Here is what was in the box (one each): 
  • Don Corazza Special Edition by Brun Del RĂ©
  • Padron Series - either a 2000 or a Delicias - The sizes are nearly identical and I'm not positive which it is without actually measuring.
  • San Lotano by AJ Fernandez - a nice looking, box pressed robusto
  • Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon - also robusto
  • Kristoff Kristania Toro
  • Oliva Serie O - I've had the V and G, both of which are QUITE to my liking! I bet this will be too.
  • Macanudo 1968 Trompeta
  • Daniel Marshall Red Label - "Scarface Edition" Robusto
  • Paul Stulac Phantom (torpedo) - I've never heard of these, but am definitely curious.
  • Alec Bradley Black Market - which happens to be one I have been especially wanting to try for a while now!
I've read the reviews and/or descriptions on all of them, and am greatly looking forward to trying them all! Several of them smell so divine that it's hard to resist lighting them up right now, but I know they will be better after a nice rest from their long journey across the pond.

That's all for now folks.. Now it's time for me to get back to my website and photo editing.
Stay tuned!

~ Khaos