Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Smokey Kisses Calender now available!

Smokey Greetings again all,

Just in time for the holidays and the new year, the Smokey Kisses 2006 wall calendar is finished and ready to go!
There is a different cigar picture for every month of the year, and if sales of this year's calendar go well, I will be working on a much better one for 2007. This year, the idea came a bit late to spend too much time putting it together, but for 2007, I plan on doing themed photo shoots especially for each month and having all of you vote for your favorite shots to go in the calendar.
Click here to see the 2006 calendar.

Donation button fixed + new pics are here.

Hi there smokey friends!
I have fixed the glitch in the donation button on my site, so it works right now. Thank you to those who alerted me to the problem!

Also, I have gotten the proofs for the pictures I mentioned in my last blog entry. There were a lot less than I expected, but I have emailed the photographer to see if that was a mistake. So as soon as I hear back from him, I'll post an update.

I was going to upload a few pics here for you to enjoy, but blogger seems to be having trouble with uploading pics right now. I'll try to upload them again later.

Oh yeah... And one more thing.. The 2006 calendar is almost ready!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Great news - professional photos

Greetings all my smoking and smoke-appreciating friends!
I just wanted to share with you an email that I just got from the famous professional erotic writer and photographer,
David Steinberg, who took LOTS of sexy photos of me during my vacation this Labor Day week.
"Hi Khaos,
I've finally gotten to go through the photos of you from Wet Spot in Paradise, and am putting the proofs in the mail to you tomorrow. Sorry it's taken so long. I got swamped with several different projects when I got back from traveling, and am just now catching up."
I actually have NO idea how many he took, but I know it is a LOT. They are additional photos for
set # 20, where I am in the black lace camisole and panties smoking a Camacho.
I wil be sure to let you all know when the pictures arrive and I'll post some of them here in addition to getting right to work on putting them up in the gallery!

Friday, November 11, 2005

2006 Calendar

Smokey greetings friends, fans and fellow smokers.
I am in the process of designing a calendar for 2006 that will be available for sale through my website within the next few weeks. I am looking for input on all of your favorite pictures and also ideas for some themes that you would like to see for the various months.
I have most of the months figured out already, but it is still open to change if there is enough interest in something different from what I have planned. Stay tuned for more information on this and other new official Smokey Kisses merchandise!

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!
~ Khaos

Gallery updated!

Just a note to let you all know that I have added 2 more sets to the gallery and another will be added sometime this week. The adult section hasn't been updated yet, but I will do that as soon as I finish adding the Jeroboam set.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Casa Blanca Jeroboam

I finally got to enjoy one of the Jeroboams sent to me by the generous Aussie, Marsh a few days ago. Great smoke! I must say it was worth the wait. And I'm very glad he send me a whole box of them, because I hate it when I discover a smoke I love and only have one of them!
I'm still working on the rope pics from Paradise right now, but here are some of the ones with the Jeroboam for you all to enjoy now.