Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Great news - professional photos

Greetings all my smoking and smoke-appreciating friends!
I just wanted to share with you an email that I just got from the famous professional erotic writer and photographer,
David Steinberg, who took LOTS of sexy photos of me during my vacation this Labor Day week.
"Hi Khaos,
I've finally gotten to go through the photos of you from Wet Spot in Paradise, and am putting the proofs in the mail to you tomorrow. Sorry it's taken so long. I got swamped with several different projects when I got back from traveling, and am just now catching up."
I actually have NO idea how many he took, but I know it is a LOT. They are additional photos for
set # 20, where I am in the black lace camisole and panties smoking a Camacho.
I wil be sure to let you all know when the pictures arrive and I'll post some of them here in addition to getting right to work on putting them up in the gallery!

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