Sunday, August 21, 2022

Cigar Band Shadow Box Art Project

 Almost six  months ago, I had an idea for a cool, cigar themed art project, that I could display in my home, that would also serve as mood lighting - A cigar band shadow box! 

So, I went shopping for an appropriate box and some usb powered fairy lights, and got to work! The box is top loading, so I don't have to take it apart to add bands to it, and the cord for the lights can come through the top slot.

I used HVAC tape to affix the lights to the inside, partly cause it's hella strong, but mainly so it would reflect the lights and provide more of a diffused, ambient lighting effect. The above photo is the initial one, with just the bands from the cigars I smoked in the few days I was waiting for the supplies, and I was already loving the way it looked!

This pic ^ and the one at the top of the post is a couple months in, and the one below is from August 8. It's now about halfway to being finished! I didn't light it up for the most recent pic, cause I have the cord and remote all taped up to keep it safe and secure until it's fully done and installed in my new home. 

 Some of the bands have gotten turned around or not landed facing forward, so once I declare it full, I'm going to take the back off and arrange everything so you can see all the bands properly, and I might affix some of them to the backing to act kind of like "shelves" to keep smaller ones from falling into the big ones and disappearing. I'll figure it out when I get there. LOL. 

Anyway, it is so cool that now I'm thinking about starting another one to auction off once this one is finished. 

In fact, if I did that, there is almost no end to the items that could be displayed in special order art for you along with the bands (or even instead)! My cigar shorts/stubs? Sure! One or some of my lipstick tubes and/or lipstick kiss cards, stockings, gloves...? Of course! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Tell me what you think!

And, of course, I'll be posting again with pictures of the final project once it is full and fixed how I want it. 

Til next time, my smokey friends and fans, 

Smokey Kisses,


~ Khaos

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