Sunday, August 14, 2022

Story ~ Jose's Training ~ Teaser Post

Hello there my smokey friends and fans! Do you remember Jose  - that cocky and entitled cigar slut wannabe who was introduced so many years ago in my story, "Jose's Introduction"? Well, if you do, they you may be interested to know that I've been writing again, working on the follow-up to that story. 

It is called. "Jose's Training", and picks up immediately where the previous story left off. 

Below is a little teaser.. The opening passage from the new story.


Smokey Kisses,


~ Khaos


          "Yes Ma'am", replied Jose, standing in his rumpled clothing on the flagstones.
He was still rather confused and overwhelmed, but he had given up any pretense of knowing what he was doing at this point, and decided to do as he probably should have done in the first place, and follow Her lead. That was, after all, what he was there for.

She paced to the loveseat and perched on the edge, rifling through the meagre sheaf of papers in the folder, and selecting one of them. As she looked over, she glanced up at him from time to time, and finally, with an abrupt nod, set the papers and folder on the coffee table, looked up at him, and spoke.

          "Are you ready to begin your training?"

          "Yes Ma'am, if it pleases you."

She nodded approvingly. "You are already learning, I see", she noted.
          "I am trying, Ma'am". He smiled shyly, glad that she seemed to have truly forgiven him for making a complete mess of things earlier.
          "Good." She pointed to a spot on the carpet just across the table from her, and commanded, "Kneel there".

He hastened forward to the place indicated, and knelt in the fashion she had dictated to him earlier - his knees spread widely, back straight, shoulders back, head lifted, eyes lowered, his palms resting on his thighs. Immediately, he felt... different. It was as though just assuming such a position changed his entire mindset, and it frightened him more than a just little.

          "The position you now assume is known, in some circles", she informed him, as 'Nadu'". "When I say that word, or when commanded to kneel, without further instruction, or if you are simply told, 'Position', this is the expected pose. It is the most common slave position in the aforementioned circles, and, when executed properly, is very pleasing to the eye.
"You must always ensure that your posture reflects your dedication to perfection - never slouching or slumping or fidgeting about. Such things are the mark of laziness, or worse, inattention to the one you serve.
"This position is also the one you will, henceforth, assume immediately upon entering my domain or finding yourself in my presence."

He straightened further, lifted his chin ever slightly, and glanced at the position of his hands, saying, "Yes Ma'am".
"Further," She continued, "From this point forward, you are expected to promptly, carefully and completely read anything and everything given to you by me, or anyone acting on my behalf, prior to our next session, and follow any directions contained within. You may expect to receive instructions at any given time, delivered to you at your workplace, home, or even by my agents out and about. They will always be suitably discreet, and will always provide you with the code word, so you will know it truly comes from me."
She paused and looked at him expectantly.

          "Yes Ma'am".

          "Good", she replied, gathering up the folder, with its papers, once again and standing.
"Mrs. Skene will provide you with your 'homework' - additional information and some preparations for next time - and see you out. Good day, Jose."
And, on that note, she strode from the room, leaving him once again in silence, his head spinning and mind racing in a million directions. 

(...To be continued...)

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