Thursday, August 25, 2022

Smokey Kisses has a New Logo!


 Hello, my smoking friends and fans!

I finally designed an official logo for Smokey Kisses, that will be affixed to exclusive SK merchandise (more on that coming soon!). This will be items in addition to what is already available in the SK Cafe Press Store. There's the full version, above, and a basic, simpler version, suitable for printing on a wider variety of items, below. 


Stay tuned for some exciting new developments that are part of the reason for an official logo that is better suited to printing than the regular site logo.

I haven't decided yet if the new logo is going to replace the current one on the website or not. I'm certainly open to suggestions! 

I might try it out for a while and see what sort of reception it gets. 

Coming up next, look for a review of  Drew Estate's Tabak Especial Red Eye, and a casual photo set of me smoking it for said review during a Zoom session. 

Until then,

Smokey Kisses,


~ Khaos

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