Sunday, April 23, 2023

Moving update UPDATE

 Hello, my smoking friends and fans! You may have been wondering why there haven't been any more sets posted, or updates, or socials, or anything, since my update about moving to my new place. 

Well, I'll tell you why. Slumlords. That's why. It turns out that there are a LOT of problems with this place, that were cleverly disguised with new, nice looking flooring and other "band-aids" to make it seem like the "newly renovated" moniker meant it was in good condition. In reality, the new paint, flooring, trim, etc was hiding rotting floor supports and subfloor, ancient, brittle, and faulty wiring, plumbing issues, roof damage, and more. After fighting with the property owners for months, and finally legally forcing them to start fixing things for REAL (rather than sending in their tame, general contractor, maintenance guys in to jerry rig things), they decided to evict me on the basis of the place needing major renovation. Yup. That's right.. the very things I am making them fix are now the reason for my being kicked out. Because they HAVE to fix them now, but if they fix them while I live here, they aren't allowed to raise my rent because of it, AND they would have to put me up in another unit they own whilst the work is being done. So they are pulling permits and doing the renos, and then will rent it out to a brand new sucker for a much higher rent. I feel bad for whomever that is, cause these guys are the epitome of slumlords. I was never even able to get my stuff completely unpacked or the rooms of back yard area set up properly, due to all the issues, let alone have time or space to enjoy a nice cigar.

BUT... Don't feel bad for me, because guess what! I found a MUCH better place.. A real house (not mobile home), a little bigger, but with a HUGE, fenced yard, a nice patio, a lovely rose garden, an attached, partially enclosed (soon to be fully enclosed and contain my workshop and a play room) and lots of other great features. 

So, moving day is this Thursday - 4 days from now, and boy do I have lots of plans for this beautiful property! There will definitely be many a stoagie enjoyed in my luxurious, back yard oasis, in the outdoor living room, dining room, rose garden, and around the fire pit. 

I'll be posting some pictures soonish!

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