Thursday, September 15, 2022

I'm finally moving into my new home!

  In just a couple, short (although they feel like forever! LOL) days, I am going to be moved into my new house. Above, there's a pic from when I was there checking out the property pre-move in to get set for my actual move, and my doggo checking out the neighbour cats out one of the VERY MANY windows. The move is commencing tomorrow (Friday). I won't have internet until (hopefully) sometime on Saturday or Sunday, assuming everything is wired as it ought to me. And, of course I'll be pretty busy all weekend with moving stuff, but by midweek, I expect to be able to post an update!

What that means for you is that I will, once again, finally have space - and NICE space at that, both indoors and out, for some really good quality photo shoots. 

No more everything being in my desk chair, mere inches from my bed and everything else crammed into a single room, and bad lighting. 

Nope! There will be sets in my living room, my play room/dungeon, my very generously sized front porch, my adorable little back yard (with a tall privacy fence), maybe even a bubble bath set! And yes, there will still be sets from Zoom sessions, at my desk, but even those will be much nicer due to proper lighting and nicer background. The first couple of those might be less nice in the lighting and background department, what with tons of boxes and all, but as soon as I've got everything unpacked and in place properly, look out!

Oh! And also, for those of you who had regularly (or even occasionally) tuned in to my radio shows, those will be resuming soon as well! Who knows? Maybe, if the internet is good enough, we could do a live Zoom cigar chat whilst I am DJing a time or two. Then you can tune in to my show for some great tunes whilst we smoke!

I'm so excited! 

So, until my next post from my new home, 

Smokey Kisses,


~ Khaos

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