Thursday, August 23, 2012

Website updates, Forum, New pics, Paradise, Hookah!

Lots of new stuff to report!

I'm currently in the process of doing some very overdue updating on the Smokey Kisses website...

There are LOTS of new photo sets going up, including a few guest sets. Priority goes to the Members Only area, as always.
Most of the new members only sets are up for viewing. I'm going to try to finish them this morning.
I might not get to the regular gallery updates until tonight or tomorrow. Being a member has its benefits.

Many of the new photos are already added to the member download page. It's just added to the zip file, so Members,  if you haven't updated that file lately, come on over and re-download it so you can get all the latest photos! Or, if you like, wait a few days for the update confirming ALL new photos added. Either way, don't forget to get your goodies. ;)

Technically more related to the website thing, but wanted to list some of what is in the queue.
* Paradise pics, including photos of me playing with the lovely slave boy who served me for most of the week,  and photos from the Steampunk night. I have a couple group photos from other themed  nights too, which will probably go in the sightings section of the forum once I get consent from all in the photos to do so.
* Five guest sets and one very large set with me, all featuring the extreme smoke slut, Fireseeker, who has a very hard core cigar fetish. The guest sets feature him with Mistress Tazha and Lady SnapDragon.
* A few short sets that I took of myself with my Android as I smoked.

The forum is live!! Come check it out!
There are still some little bugs to work out, and the look and feel may be changing more, but it is now fully functional and ready to go.
If you don't see the section(s) you'd like to see, post it in the suggestion box. If I like your idea, I will make it so. Members: Be sure to send me a message when you join the forum, so I can give you access to the members only section there!

I just got myself a little starter hookah the other day, and I love it! I recorded my test run of it on my cam chat page. It is there under the "videos" tab of the chat window/applet.
I'm interested in whether that is something my fans would like to see more of, so go vote and/or post in the forum thread on that subject!

That's about it for now. Stay tuned for further updates, and keep checking the gallery, as things will be continuing to be added.

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