Monday, August 27, 2012

Website update ~ All Members Only shoots added +Regular galleries updated

The aforementioned (last post) guest sets and my shoot with Fireseeker have been added to both the regular gallery and the members only section, as well as one more small "webshoot" in the regular gallery.

There are still four sets (2 very short ones from Paradise, one Short one from another campout, and one pretty good sized one with lots of pics from just last week) that I'll be adding in the next couple/few days.

The Member's Only photo download file has has all new photos added, though some of them may still need a bit of editing/updating to be perfect.

Speaking of the DL files, I will also be reorganising the zip files, putting all the sets into separate folders, deleting the thumbnails, and just generally making the whole thing easier for members to navigate, rather than just a huge "mixed bag".
I'll post here when that is done. Look for it within the next week or so. Maybe less, if I can get to it, but definitely soon.

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