Monday, August 05, 2019

Reviving Smokey Kisses

It's been a very long time since this blog and the corresponding website have been active, for which I apologise!

My life has been, as the proverb goes, "interesting". 
That said, I HAVE still been enjoying the pleasures of the leaf, and even have a few photos and such to share from the last few years. 

For instance, I've been on not one, but TWO cruises since the last post, and there are a few cigar pics from each of those. 
And, of course, there have been conventions, at least one cigar meetup, and just random cigar photo sets. 

I'll be adding content from all those over the next couple months, as well as creating and posting new content, both here and on the main website and forums

The first post to look for will be a review of the featured cigar at this month's Tulalip Resort Casino Cigar Night. That WAS going to be tonight, but instead, was pushed forward to the 12th, because of a shipment issue. SO... Stay tuned, folks!

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