Monday, February 06, 2006

Some Pictures I couldn't find + news

Greetings to all my friends and fans!
I know I haven't been posting many updates lately :(
That is because it has been very difficult to get pictures or even get a chance to enjoy a nice cigar during the colder months since they passed a new law here in Washington that prohibits smoking at all in ANY indoor public place! One of the only exceptions is that hotels are still allowed to have a small percentage of smoking sooms, so that is one option.

Here are a few pictures I got right around X-mas that I misplaced until recently. There aren't many of them cause it was so cold I had to go inside before I even got to finish the cigar, but I will be putting all that there are up in the gallery really soon.

I will be going to a convention over Easter weekend and will be at the hotel for 4 days, so that will be time to enjoy a few smokes and to get lots of great pictures! I plan on doing some themed photo shoots for Valentines day, St Patricks day and Easter along with whatever candid shots or ideas I get. So, basically, there will be several updates to the galleries all at once shortly after Easter weekend. I hope you will all enjoy them!

Smokey hugs and kisses,
~ Khaos

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