Thursday, August 02, 2012

New cam-cast ~ DON LUIS Secretos del Maestro review, and other thoughts

I just enjoyed a DON LUIS Secretos del Maestro robusto on cam. The recording is in the video library on my cam page, for those who missed the real time showing.
Warning, the sound is REALLY loud for the first half or so and the vid quality could be a lot better. 
The lighting (that is the visible lighting, not the lighting of the cigar! LOL) leaves much to be desired, though it is  perfectly visible. I adjusted the sound and vid quality settings about halfway through. I forgot to check them at first cause the whole thing was kind of spur of the moment and unplanned. It was already almost full dark outside when I started. 

The Review:  
This smoke was one of a box of 5 sent to me by my dear smoke slut, Stef, and it was pretty tasty. 
the construction was solid. Nice dark and smooth wrapper with no flaws to speak of. It lit easily and evenly and required NO touch ups at all.. a rarity to be sure. The flavour was fairly straightforward, smooth and spicy, but not all that complex. This isn't a bad thing. Not my usual fare, but definitely nice for a fairly short (about an hour) smoke. The ash was firm and dark - none fell on me whilst smoking, which is also a bit of a rarity, especially for me, as I tend to try and keep a good ash going for a cooler smoke. The draw was close to perfect, and there was LOTS of luxurious, creamy smoke. All in all, I think I'll give it a 6 out of 10. It didn't hit a lot of my favourites in terms of tastes that I like, or it would be higher, so don't take my rating as a reason not to try one! They are really well made and smoke very well, and we all know flavour is such a subjective thing. 

On to some other thoughts...

As mentioned in my ramblings during the webcast, I have decided to add a forum to the Smokey Kisses Website. This will be a full featured forum, with different areas (eventually) and a member sign in. It will be viewable by all, but I will probably require creating a free account and signing in to post, and I will definitely include a members only area for my donating fans, which will feature such things as ongoing fantasy stories, to which members can contribute, members only auctions and offers for things like signed prints of my smoking photos, cigar shorts, personal garments, and other special items, and whatever else I come up with for my most devoted fans. Suggestions will be MORE than welcome, and fans who come up with great ideas that I decide to implement will be duly rewarded. 
Some of the public areas I've already thought of will be a Q&A, where you can ask me questions about whatever you like (though especially intimate Q&A will be for members only), a review section for everyone to post reviews, not just of cigars, but accessories and pairings as well, how-to (making your own humidors, calibrating hygrometers, different lighting/cutting methods, flavouring, ageing, curing, you name it), a links section, of course, and a "sightings" section, where you can post smoking photos of yourself or others (inspired by Famous Smoke's "Sightings" section in their Cigar Advisor newsletter). I'm sure I'll think of more, but first I need to get the thing created in the first place. 

I'm actually going to go and get started on the creation of the forum right now, so stay tuned for updates and a link when it's ready to go live!

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